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Difference Between Virgin Hair Extensions and Processed Hair Extensions

Not every woman has a full head of hair that is as long as Rapunzel’s. Luckily, every woman can have a full head of hair with whatever length they desire. Hair extensions are no longer news to any woman, but in case you don’t know what hair extensions are, here is a quick course on it.

Hair extensions are bundles of hair designed for the sole purpose of being attached to the natural hair. They are added to either give extra length, more volume, highlights, or all three. Hair extensions are attached(installed) through several methods. All of the installations are semi-permanent except the clip-on hair extensions. The I-tip, Keratin bond, Micro rings, and Tape hair extensions are used for long term wear. They usually last between up to 3 months and then you need to go for maintenance. Clip-on hair extensions, on the other hand, are used for an instant switch up. They are not for long term use, just for a couple of hours.

Virgin hair extension vs. processed hair extension

All hair extensions are made from hair sourced from different places. Although there are synthetic extensions, they are mostly used for wigs. Majority of the hair extensions are made from natural human hair. The desired result of using hair extension is to have an extended length or more volume of your natural hair. The hair extension should, therefore, closely resemble your natural hair.

There are several grades of human hair available. The hair is graded by its sourcing: region and purity. At the top of the hair, a chain is virgin hair extensions. These are the premium quality hair of natural hair extensions. They are also the most expensive. By nature, virgin natural hair extensions are what they are: untouched and unprocessed. The distinguishing factor for virgin natural hair extensions is this: right from the original donor of the hair, virgin hair has not been treated or processed with any form of chemical. When they are harvested as hair extensions, these hairs also left untreated. Remy virgin hair is untreated, unprocessed virgin hair that is gotten from a single donor and has all its cuticles running in one direction.

Processed human hair comes in different ways. There is the human hair that has been treated by the donor, but no further process or treatment is done to it, there is the hair that undergoes some form of treatment, either to get curls or bleach it to the desired color. The last type of processed hair is, perhaps, the most common. These hairs are procured from different sources, treated, and processed together. They usually have varied strand colors and texture.

Virgin hair extension salon

The best place to get virgin hair extensions is a salon that not only offers hair extensions but also installation services. They are your best option as they will help you pick the best texture for your hair.

In New York City, Beige Salon is the only virgin hair extension salon you will ever need. They offer premium Russian virgin hair. When it comes to virgin hair, Russian hair extensions are in a class of their own. There close resemblance to western hair makes them a much-desired choice. Beige salon’s Shlomi Mor has over 25 years of experience with hair extensions. This is part of the reasons why Beige Salon named the best virgin hair extension salon in New York.

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