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Virgin Russian Hair Extension

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Virgin Russian Hair Extension

If you were to describe Russian hair, what words will you use?

Words like luxurious, lush, glamourous, and silky will most likely make the list. The lush feel of Russian hair is glorious. The strands are soft, silky, and smooth. Unfortunately, not everyone can have Russian hair. You literally must be of Slavic origin to have Russian hair.

Fortunately, every woman has the opportunity to know what if feels like to have Russian hair. Cue in hair extensions. Hair extensions have been helping women get their desired hair look for years, and it is not slowing down. The beauty of hair extensions is that they are versatile and can do literally anything the natural hair can do.

One of the favorite types of natural hair extensions is the Russian hair extension, especially the virgin Russian hair extensions. These hairs are considered to be the crown of the hair extensions world.

Russian virgin hairs are an excellent way to add volume, gloss, and length to your natural hair. A lot of celebrities wear Russian hair from Kim Kardashian to Katy Perry, and it is generally preferred because of its coloring and texture. The silky, smooth strands of Russian hair make it a favorite for most celebrities and women. Virgin Russian hair comes with different shades, and they are glossy and vibrant.

Natural hair extensions in New York City.

New York of is a fashion-forward city. Full, glamorous hair is a common sight in any fashion-forward city, and New York women are not different. Most of these women owe their amazing hair to hair extensions and hair extension salons. Natural hair extensions are amazing because when properly installed, they give life to your natural hair without looking unnatural or distinct from it. If you reside in New York, it is important you know the best places to get premium virgin Russian hair and installation.

One very reliable place to purchase virgin Russian hair extensions is Beige Salon. Situated in Chelsea, New York, Beige Salon is the one place you want to get your hair extensions from.

What makes them different?

For starters, Beige Salon is home to award-winning hair extension Specialist Shlomi Mor. Known for his passion for hair extensions and creating flawless looks for women, Shlomi takes the business of hair extensions to heart. His love for giving women the best extensions made him to travel extensively to source for the best virgin Russian hair.

Beige salon’s virgin Russian hair is sourced from a remote community in Russia that boasts of healthy air, food, and water. This is most important because Beige Salon desires to provide the healthiest virgin Russian hair.

Beige Salon only provides 100% virgin Russian hair extensions that come in several vibrant color shades. To ensure that the hair extensions retain their natural state, each strand is carefully hand-made in Beige Salon into different hair extensions. When it comes to installation, Beige Salon has hair extension specialists who have over 20 years’ experience who will not only advise you on the best hair extension installation method to use but also provide aftercare services.

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