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How to Prevent Thinning Hair

It can be hard to manage your hair in an emergency if it is thinning. Thinning hair is something almost every woman gets to deal with at one point or the other. Some will experience it during pregnancy and others in different stages of life. As popular as thinning hair is-so popular it is almost normal, it can actually be prevented.

We asked the hairstylists at Beige salon how thinning hair can be prevented and here are some useful tips on preventing thinning hair Eat for your hair: There are foods and fruits that literally feed your hair. Vitamins, Biotin, Collagen, Silica, Manganese, Omega-6, and omega-3, healthy fats are some of the things that are beneficial to your hair. All of these can be gotten from your day to day diet. When eating and snacking [OP(1] , remember your hair. Food like eggs, avocado, and fruits rich in vitamin C, raw nuts, and pumpkin are so many others are great for making your hair healthy. Healthy hair does not thin out easily.

Do not put pressure on your hair: We all love a good ponytail or bun. As sleek and elegant as these styles look, they can be causing damages to your hairline and promoting thinning. Pulling your hair tight puts pressure on your root, which in turn weakens your hair.

By the time you are brushing your hair, the strands become more susceptible to puling and breaking, which results in thinning. Instead, you can achieve a sleek look by using good hair holding products. Do you know any? The stylists here at beige salon know a good number of them, and they will hook you up.

Work with experienced stylists when using extensions: poorly installed extensions can lead to thinning, especially if your hair is already weak. A hair extension expert knows the best installation method for each hair type. Beige salon has hair extension experts who have years of experience. They know how to properly install extensions without causing any form of damage to the natural hair.

Use organic based shampoo: Organic-based shampoos and conditioners are considered safe because they do not contain the harmful ingredients contained in most cosmetic shampoos. Some of these ingredients in the best case scenario lead to dryness of the hair and scalp.In the worst-case scenario can cause damages to the organs. Look out for harmful [OP(2] chemicals in your shampoos, and some of these can increase thinning in hair.

Pamper your hair: Your hair is like a crown, treat it right. Pamper it with hair massages using essential oils. Keep your scalp clean with regular washing. Avoid harsh shampoos that will strip your natural hair oils away. Keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Get a trim, not to cause growth, but to stop split-ends from spreading.

See a professional hairstylist help you understand your hair’s strength and weakness. Take food supplements when needed. Folic acid is good for your hair, multivitamins rich in B, C, K, and E are also of immense benefits to your hair.

Need to see a consultant for your hair, visit us at Beige Salon

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