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Why Dry Cutting is Most Suitable for Curly Hair

A lot of persons make the mistake of thinking that cutting hair while it is wet is best. Now while that might work for straight hair, it is not the best option for curly hair.

Unlike straight hair, curly hair naturally has uneven lengths and weights. Each clump of curls is different from the other. In this case, you cannot use a “one size fits all” approach to cut the hair. The best way to cut curly hair is to treat each curl as a single hair.

Why does dry cutting work better for curly hair?

Dry cutting works better for curls because for starters, you get to see the whole process of transformation unlike wet cutting, where the final result is revealed after the hair is dried. Another important reason why dry cut works best for curly hair is because the weight and length of each curl are seen as it is. That way, the curly hairstylist can determine what works best with your hair texture.

Dry cutting allows the curly hairstylist to define the shape of the hair properly, control the volume of the hair work with the individual length of the curls.

When you want to get your curly hair cut. To get the best result, it is advisable you use a curly haircut salon. There are salons that specialize in cutting curly hair. In New York, one of the best places to get a curly hair cut is Beige Salon. Beige Salon is home to some of the best curly hairstylists in New York City.

As a curly hair salon in NYC, Beige Salon is the favourite home of fashionable women in the city. Their curly hairstylists have over 20 years of experience when it comes to dealing with curls in all their different states.

Simply walk in Beige Salon and book an appointment for a haircut. Depending on the nature or current state of your hair, you can get your hair cut immediately.

Beige Salon’s Shlomi Mor is a master hair artiste. His love for hair and his passion for making women feel more empowered is the driving force behind the Salon’s services.

Apart from being a curly hair salon in New York, Beige Salon also offers hair colouring services, hair extensions and installation services, wigs and everything glamorous when it comes to hair. How to prepare for dry cutting your curly hair.

When you want to cut your curly hair, you have to go prepared. Ensure your hair is in its natural state. It shouldn’t be wet. You call also style it with your regular styling products but don’t pin or tie it up. The whole idea is to allow your curly hairstylist see your hair in its natural form. Give your hair some time before you go in for a cut if you have just done a coloring job.

Please do not come in with 2-days sleep in hair. Do not use hair spray to style your hair or flat iron it. Avoid anything that will alter the natural state of your hair.

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