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Which is the Right Hair Extension for You?

Hair extensions are fabulous. They are a quick fix to any bad hair day. Not only are they quick fixes, but hair extensions can also be protective styles for your natural hair. When it comes to hair extensions, the question is, which is the best one for you. We sat down with Beige’s Salon award-winning hair extension expert-Shlomi Mor to give us insight on how to know the right extensions to use.

To know the best hair extension for you, Shlomi suggests knowing the different installation methods.

The weave /sew-in method: This is the oldest hair extension installation method. It involves the natural hair getting braided into cornrows, and the human hair extensions are sewn on them. Like with most hair extensions installation method, this method can stay up to 3 months.

Keratin bond extensions: Keratin bond extensions come with the bond at the root of the hair. The hair extensions are bonded in strands of 300 and attached to tiny hair portions. The bond is melted with heat at the root of the hair, leaving the hair extension attached to the hair.

Micro Ring extensions: these hair extensions come in bundles and are attached to tiny ringlets. These ringlets are used to attach the hair extensions to the natural hair. Shlomi uses his own custom mad Nano rings for this method as they are virtually undetectable.

I-Tip extensions: I-tips have similar application methods like the micro ring extension. In this case, the hair extensions are attached by small plastic clamps.

Tape hair extensions: These extensions literally come attached to a tape-like glue. This glue, which is at the root of the hair, is used to attach the extensions to the hair.

Clip-on: Clip-on hair extensions are temporal use extensions. They are attached to tiny combs. These combs are used to attach the extensions to the hair. They can only be used for a couple of hours.

Which of these extensions are right for you? All of these application methods are great. Apart from the keratin bond extension and tape hair, you can re-use the hair extensions from the other application method.

Shlomi more says, “ if you have fine hair, then avoid track (sew-in) extensions as these may damage your hair. People with medium to coarse hair texture can use any of the installation methods”.

Human hair extensions: the quality of your human hair extensions is based on the hair itself and the installation method. A lot of women have been put off human hair extensions due to poor installation. At Beige Salon, Shlomi Mor and his team of hair extension experts offer every installation services available. With over 25 years of experience with human hair extensions, Shlomi Mor is passionate about giving the best of hair extension services. This was what led him to source exclusively for the only premium virgin Russian hair extensions in New York.

According to Shlomi, “the quality of hair used can make or break your entire image.” He also advises that proper research should be carried out before purchasing a hair extension. “The hair extensions must closely resemble your natural hair,” he says.

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Victoria Phunderat
Victoria Phunderat
Jun 28, 2023

The result of a good extension also depends on the quality of the hair. natural hair in the best quality that I have seen

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