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These Chemicals are Toxic for Your Hair.

The shelves of stores and salons are filled with shampoos and hair care products that claim to be great for your of the challenges that hairstylists have with their clients is that they do not use the right products for their at-home hair care.

Some chemicals do not do your hair any favors. When you go shopping for shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products, take time to read the ingredients in the product. Beige Salon's in-house stylists have come up with a list of chemicals to watch out for in your hair care products.

Silicone: Any chemical that ends with the word "cone" contains silicone. Silicone is a tricky chemical because it gives the illusion of shininess. In reality, silicone dries out the hair, leaving it faded, and it messes up your scalp. Silicone also prevents other useful chemicals from entering the hair.

Fragrance: We all love sweet smelling shampoos and conditioners; they make us feel good. Unfortunately, the fragrance in most shampoos is made from so many chemicals that have not tested for human use. These product companies use fragrance as a blanket term for many chemicals that have not been approved by the FDA.

Polyethylene glycol: Known as PEGS, this chemical pierces the skin. It acts as a stabilizer and moisturizer. This should be a good thing, but it is not. PEGS are contaminated with so many harmful pollutants like arsenic and nickel that have been linked to cancer.

Sulfate: Sulfates are used because they are like detergents. They are good at removing dirt from your hair during washing. Unfortunately, they strip way too much natural oils from the hair and scalp. This leaves the hair dry and brittle. Is that enough reason to write off sulfates? No. sulfates contain dioxane. Dioxane is carcinogenic, which is a threat to the kidneys.

Parabens: Parabens are similar to naturally occurring hormones only that, in their case, parabens prevent the hormones from occurring naturally. Recently, it has been revealed that parabens are also carcinogenic.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): The foaming we are so familiar with in our shampoos are powered by SLS. What should have been an amazing ingredient is, however, contaminated by 1,4 dioxane- A toxic chemical that is dangerous to the liver and kidneys. 1,4 dioxane has also been touted out as carcinogenic.

Phthalates: The last ingredient on our list is Phthalates. Phthalates has a long rap sheet of issues that are linked to it, and these issues are not good. Autism spectrum disorders, low IQ, asthma, Type II diabetes, ADHD, Obesity, neurodevelopmental issues, altered reproductive development, and breast cancer are some of the issues associated with this ingredient.

The problem with this ingredient is the fact that its name is used to cover a host of chemicals that are harmful to a person. Even though it is used to make plastic more flexible, it is not something you want to use on yourself.

How do you know the right products to use? Our in-house stylists at Beige Salon will give you care instructions with the healthiest products you should use.

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