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The Real Deal: Does Trimming Split-ends Help With hair Growth?

There is a widespread belief that hair trimming promotes hair growth, and because of this, we have a lot of women who go for haircuts.

Split-ends are messy but unavoidable. They can be very frustrating to deal with. Does hair trimming really help with split-ends? Does it promote hair growth? We asked the hair cut experts in Beige Salon what was true and what was a myth.

Fact: Hair trimming doesn’t help hair growth. What it does is that it improves the look of the split-ends.

Naturally, hair grows from the root and not the tips — split-ends results in breakage, which leaves the hair short and uneven. What trimming does is that it removes the already damaged split-ends. Once a hair experience splits, it continues to break from there. The split causes the hair to look like it isn’t growing.

Trimming split-ends frequently helps to manage the hair. It prevents the hair from breaking; that way, it is no longer losing length. With the hair no longer losing length, trimming gives the illusion of causing hair growth.

According to our hair cut specialists, hair trimming mostly promotes maintenance and helps prevent the hair from further damage.

How to deal with split-ends: while frequent trimmings help with handling the split-ends, our hair cut experts suggest getting proper cuts at a haircut salon. Beige Salon has the pick of the best haircut experts. Looking for a place to get the best haircut in NYC, Beige Salon is it. Our in-house haircut specialists have lots of experience dealing with troublesome hair, and split hair is not an issue.

Have you been struggling with split-ends for years and still have not found a solution that works? Please book an appointment with any one of our hair cut experts. Getting a trim for split-ends goes beyond having some ends trimmed off the ends of your hair. Without expert care, split-ends will continue to reoccur.

Visit Beige Salon, where you can get the best hair cut in NYC.

A single appointment with any one of our hair cut experts will help bring the troublesome split-ends under control. Subsequent appointments will ensure that there is no further occurrence of split-ends.

Without managing split-ends, the hair will continue to suffer breakage and hinder growth. All attempts at growth will be futile if the hair keeps breaking at the ends.

Haircut salon near me: Looking for a haircut salon near me in New York? Beige Salon is New York City’s home of the best haircut salon. Our hair cut experts understand the nature of hair. They know that while trimming spilled-ends will not cause it to grow, it can encourage hair growth by helping it retain length.

When your hair is trimmed by our hair cut experts, it will not look like it has been trimmed. Trimmings are expertly carried out and made to look natural. Trimming split-ends can be incorporated in the normal maintenance, or it can be done on its own.

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