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Secrets to Getting Perfect Curly Hair Cuts

When it comes to haircuts, ladies with curly hair spend more time in the chair than those with straight hair. You cannot expect to spend the same time used in cutting straight hair to yield a similar result with curly hair.

Does this mean that curly hair ladies will always have to spend ages in the chair whenever they need to have their hair cut? Fortunately, no.

Beige’s Salon curly hair specialists have come up with excellent tips that allow you to cut curly hair in record time and still have a fabulous cut.

We hooked up with Beige Salons curly hair specialists on the secret to perfect curly hair cuts, and they shared some tips with us;

Curly hair is best cut dry: generally, straight hair is cut while wet as the length is easily managed that way. Curly hair, on the other hand, cannot be managed like that. The best way to cut curly hair is to cut it dry. The curly specialists in Beige Salon advise that clients should come with their hair in its natural state. Each curl is unique in itself and so has to be cut that way. Any form of stretching, wetting, or anything that can alter the length of the curls should be avoided.

Take your time: The truth is, there is no short cut to cutting curly hair. You can, however, save time by taking the time to go through the cutting process. A lot of the time, more time is wasted because the stylist attempted to rush the cutting process. When cutting curly hair, consider the texture of the curls. Sometimes, there will be several textures on a single person’s hair. The client’s features are also important. Do not apply the precision-cut used for straight hair on curly hair. It is all about each curl. Avoid rushing the job so that you do not end up with a cut you cannot fix.

Short time between appointments: Unlike with straight hair, curly hair should be cut between 3-6 months. The closer a haircut appointment, the lesser time a client has to spend in the chair. The duration between each hair cut is also dependent on the style of the haircut.

Clients who live in New York City can also enjoy quick curly haircuts right here in Beige Salon. Our team of curly hair specialists came up with the inter-haircut appointment cuts. These cuts happen as often as every 1-2 months. It is used to maintain curly hair cut styles. It takes between 15-20 minutes as long as it is cutting only. No change in cut style can happen during this kind of appointment.

It is especially suitable for busy women who need to keep their hair under a certain length. With these short haircut appointments,you can maintain your hair cut style, pending when you require a style change.

To get these short time hair cut appointments for curly hair, book an appointment online or walk into Beige Salon and book one.

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