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Platinum Blonde Color

The platinum blonde shade is a highly coveted shade of blonde. Naturally, only about 2% of the world’s population boast of having natural platinum blond locks as adults.

Does that then mean that we cannot rock this totally cool shade of blonde? Of course not. Thanks to the platinum hair specialists, everyone has an opportunity to not only go blonde but also platinum.

Like with almost all trends, the platinum blonde look has been in fashion for a long time, and it has also had its off times and its comebacks. Regardless of how many times the shade of blonde hit the fashion scene, it is always a hit. The ice-queen look it gives is a dream look for many women. Little wonder why women in New York City flock to the one white blonde salon in NYC: Beige salon. Is platinum blonde the same thing as ash blonde? This is a common mistake and question among a lot of clients and even some stylists.

It is understandable why people will make the mistake, but these two shades are not similar. On its own, ashy blonde or tone has violet and blue undertones, and it can be found in the hair color spectrum between dark tones and blonde.

Platinum blonde, on the other hand, is the brightest blonde tone on the blonde color spectral. It is pure and can reflect light. Can I rock a platinum blonde look? We believe everyone can rock a blond look. While for some persons, it will come off looking a bit daring (dark skin tone), with the right platinum hair specialist, you will get something that works for your skin tone.

Where can I get a platinum hair specialist in New York City? Beige Salon is a hair salon that is also a white blonde salon in New York City. We have the best platinum hair specialist in the city. They have been trained and have worked with the awarding-winning Shlomi Mor.

Our platinum hair specialists have offer hair coloring services to some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry. With over 20 years of experience, our specialists know every technique that can be used to create the best platinum blonde look you can ever dream of.

We have clients from all over the city, and they keep coming back because Shlomi Mor and his team of specialists have a reputation for creating the best work of art and luxury when it comes to hair.

How do I get a platinum blonde look from Beige Salon? To have the Beige Salon platinum blonde experience, book an appointment with us online or walk into our salon. You will be paired with a platinum hair specialist who will talk you through the process, help you prepare for the coloring job, and carry out the job. The specialist will also give you aftercare instructions. They help you know the best hair care products to use for your hair and when to come in for touch-ups.

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