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Medical human hair wigs

Not every woman who desires a wig wants to have a bad hair day. Sadly, some women require wigs to cover their hair loss.

Hair loss can occur as a result of several medical conditions, the most common being as a result of treatment for cancer(chemotherapy).

The feeling of losing one’s hair due to chemotherapy is indescribable, having to involuntary cut one’s hair to manage the falling out of hair.

Hence, the importance of medical wig, because they help women recovering from cancer feel great about themselves despite the hair loss.

Not only do the wigs help the women feel better about themselves by assisting them to get a different look, but it is also a great way to allow their natural hair to grow back.

What to look out for when buying medical wigs.

Medical wigs, unlike regular wigs, have to be crafted with the cancer patient in mind. Medical wigs can also be called cancer patient wigs, as most medical hair loss is due to cancer.

It is not advisable to walk into any hair salon or shop and buy a medical wig.

Remember that your wig is much a part of you as your hair, so careful consideration has to be given to any wig you opt for.

The things to look at for when buying a medical wig include:

Fit: The wig has to fit properly so it does not give you an odd look. Try to get fitted for a wig rather than buying one off the shelf.

Comfort: Comfort is quite important to everyone but especially to someone battling with cancer. It won’t do you any good to look great and be uncomfortable with your wig.

Hair texture: The texture of the hair used for the wig should be as natural as possible. Go for human hair wigs that have textures that are close to your natural hair.

Cap: The cap is extremely important when it comes to medical wigs. Due the the high sensitivity of their scalps, the cap of a cancer patient wig has to be extra comfortable.

Wigs for cancer patients

A lot of salons say they carry wig line exclusive to cancer patients,but in reality not a lot of places have wigs for cancer patients.

The trick is in the cap and the process.

In New York, there is one place you are sure to get wigs that have been carefully crafted for cancer patients.

Elite Solution is a subsidiary of Beige Salon. Beige Salon is famous for its premium virgin Russian hair extensions, and they have done a great job with their medical wigs.

Their medical wigs are carefully crafted with the comfort of the patient in mind. Their caps are designed from start to finish to be super-gentle, secure, and cool.

With the cancer patient in mind, they use the lightest of hair extensions in making the medical wigs.

They also offer hair care services to patients re-growing their hair. With their team of highly trained specialists, they help the patient get back their hair through well-structured hair growth treatments.

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