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Looking for Best Hair Extension Salon In New York City?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Hair Extensions: Almost every woman wants long luxurious hair. Due to our different nationalities, we all have different hair texture. It is necessary for every woman to love her natural hair, but there is nothing wrong with wanting something different. Whatever the reason for needing hair extensions, whether for a fuller, longer look or just to alter your looks, it is best to work with hair extension specialists.

Best hair extension services: The worse thing that can happen to your hair extensions is to have them poorly installed by the wrong hairstylist.

At Beige Salon, we specialize in installing various methods of hair extensions such a Keratin bond hair extension, Micro ring or I tip extensions and Tape in Hair extensions. We also make custom-made clip on extensions , all made from Virgin Russian European hair which we have in different textures from straight, wavy to curly hair to suit your needs. You want your hair extension to look as natural as possible, so it should be well laid. To get the best hair extension services, it is best to work with a hair extension specialist who has experience working different types of hair extensions and hair texture. We have hair extension specialists with over 20 years of experience working with hair extensions.

At Beige Salon, all our hairs are hand-picked from a remote Russian community. We guarantee custom virgin Russian hair to each of our clients. We do not only attach hair extensions, we give our clients permanent hair extensions that is carefully crafted to suit their needs and head shapes. With each well-crafted strand we create products that give our clients the best look that blends with their natural hair.

Best hair extensions: When buying hair extensions, be mindful of the look you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you have the image of the look you want; the preferable option will be to engage a Hair Extension Specialist. They will help you procure the hair extensions that will work best for the style you have in mind.

Our hair extensions are of high quality, sourced from one of the best locations in Russia and Ukraine. The virgin state of our hair extensions makes them perfect for blending with natural hair. Buying good hair extensions are like investments. With our custom Russian virgin hair, you can be guaranteed of making the best investment your hair deserve.

Best hair extensions NYC Getting the best hair extensions in NYC is easy. Simply go to We have trained specialists who are here to help you get the best look.

You can walk into our salon to book a hair appointment with the award-winning stylist Shlomi Mor. With over 25 years of working with hair extensions, he has mastered the art of giving every client that walks through the doors of Salon premium extensions that lasts long.

Clients who have used the services of Beige Salon can testify to the amazing quality of our custom virgin hair. The uniqueness of our hair extensions comes from how and where it was sourced from. Also, the unique careful way we craft each strand of hair into wefts is one of its many winning points.

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