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How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions at Home

We love human hair extensions because they give us the freedom to have our dream hair. From glamorous celebrity to cool boss chick. With a few (or many) additions here and there, our natural hair is instantly transformed. Adding hair extensions to our hair gives life and new look to the hair.

Long term use hair extensions like I-tip or micro ring hair extensions can be absolute lifesavers. Short term clip-on hair extensions also come in handy when a hair crisis hits.

The best hair extensions are the ones that are made from pure human hair. When it comes to the quality of human hair used for hair extensions, premium virgin hair is the best bet. While they might be quite expensive, they are worth the investment.

In New York, the home of New York hair extensions is Beige Salon. Beige Salon is the only place where you can get premium Russian hair extensions. The crave for Russian hair extensions is not unfounded. Apart from their close resemblance to western, Russian human hair requires proper sourcing as they are not readily available. In a bit to offer client’s the best hair extensions, Shlomi Mor travels extensively to get them.

When it comes to hair extensions, Beige Salon is a top-rated hair extensions salon in New York City.

Caring for hair extensions: As much as we love human hair, the care and maintenance of human hair extensions can be a burden to some. A lot of persons do not take into consideration the care of human hair extensions when buying them. Like your natural hair, human hair extensions require constant care. The way you wash and moisturize your natural hair is the same way you should wash and moisturize your extensions.

Generally, a hair extension maintenance appointment should be booked every 2-3 months.

Between your appointments, there are some care activities you should carry out at home.

Washing: you should shampoo your hair extensions with silicone-free shampoo. Organic-based shampoos are the best options.

Conditioning: Use leave-in conditioners on the strands of the hair but do not apply them to the root of your hair to avoid them pull out.

Sleeping: protect your hair when sleeping. You can either put them up with a band or wear a silk/satin sleep cap.

Hair extension salon in New York: As the home for premium New York hair extensions, Beige Salon also offers aftercare services. When the hair extension specialist is done with installing your hair extensions, care instructions will be given to you. The hair extension specialist will show you the proper way to wash, condition, and care for your extensions at home. The specialist will also tell you how often to wash your hair with extensions, the right product to use and when to come in for maintenance.

You can take care of your human hair extension at home if you closely follow the care instructions given by your hair extension specialist. That way, your extensions will not only last longer but look new always.

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