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Wigs for Cancer patients

Going through chemotherapy is hard. It comes with both physical, psychological, and emotional issues. One of the visible signs of chemotherapy is hair loss due to treatment. At a time when a woman’s body is going through a lot to purge out the toxins, losing her hair can be further traumatic. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Between the period where you begin to lose your hair and the period it grows back to what it was before chemotherapy, a wig should be your best friend.

Why we love wigs: Wigs are fabulous because they are not selective, and they are like magic wands. Who says you cannot look bright and beautiful because you are battling cancer? You are a strong, beautiful survivor who deserves to look her best, and if your hair is not available yet, then a wig will do just fine. Wigs are not just for persons battling cancer; they are for everyone, so you won’t be standing out in the crowd.

The best type of wigs for cancer patients: When you experience hair loss due to chemotherapy, your scalp is sensitive, and any slight discomfort can be bad. This is perhaps why some people shy away from wigs and choose to go with scarves. There is, however, some great new. There are wigs that have been specially designed for cancer patients.

A wig goes beyond the hair. When it comes to designing wigs, a good hair specialist takes every part of the wig into consideration. Wigs for cancer patients are given even more consideration. We generally recommend lace wigs made from 100% human hair. These wigs not only offer very realistic looks, the hair extensions used are soft, silky, and natural. The hair extensions are not irritating and closely resemble your natural hair.

When going for wigs, be specific and ask for wigs made for cancer patients. The cap used in making wigs for cancer patients is better suited to their sensitive scalps than regular caps. You want a wig that makes you look amazing, and feel comfortable.

Wig specialists NYC: If you are getting a wig, it is advisable to see a wig specialist. A wig specialist will help you pick the best hair extension to use for your wig. They will take texture, budget, length, and head and face shape into consideration. They will also find the wig cap that is best suited to your scalp. An appointment with a wig specialist means fitting for your wig cap. Although you can walk into a good hair salon and get a ready-made wig cap, if you can, get a bespoke wig.

Looking for wig specialist NYC?

Visit Beige Salon in Chelsea. This is the one place you can get the best ready-made wigs for cancer patients and meet the best wig specialists NYC can boast of. Beige Salon has been in the business of making wigs for over two decades. Their secret weapon is their 100% virgin Russian human hair extensions which are used for making their wigs.

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