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We Took a Sit in Celebrity Stylist-Shlomi Mor’s Chair, and Here is What it Felt Like.

Getting a haircut is not a new experience, but no everyone can boast of getting a haircut from a celebrity hairstylist. Beige’s Salon has been the magic behind some celebrity hair look, including the hairstyle Kim Kardashian wore for a recent magazine cover.

Hair extensions expert has over 25 years of experience when it comes to hair extensions, To understand how it feels to get a hair job from a celebrity hairstylist, we decided to do some research.

The hair appointment: Once the appointment had been book, the client came in for a consultation session with Shlomi “He was friendly, open and acted like an old friend, I relaxed immediately.”

Shlomi asked about her hair history. “Everyone’s hair has a history, and it is important to know the hair history because, without that, you will be working blindly.” When Shlomi had discussed in detail her hair history, they discussed what she wanted. The client opted for a shoulder-length lob, after which, they proceeded to get a quick shampoo. The shampoo was followed by sit in the chair.

Shlomi Mor was ready to create some magic on her hair. He first used a fullness mousse on the wet hair, which he then blow-dried. The next step was to add some waves using a hot wand. While he worked, Shlomi answered some questions on the exclusivity of his Russian virgin human hair extension lines. He also spoke about his dedication to improving hair styling and made women feel empowered.

Shlomi Mor also explained what he was doing to the client as he quickly turned her lightweight, thin hair into a shoulder-length full volume lob. When it comes to products, Shlomi Mor is very particular about the products he uses. “With the right product and techniques, an expert stylist can give even the worse hair life.”

Using a dry shampoo, Shlomi teased the client’s hair and gave it extra volume. He explained that the powder shampoo was good at adding extra volume to the hair. Shlomi also shared tips on how to know the right extension for you and aftercare instructions for each extension type. When he was done, before revealing the final look to the client, he gave her some basic instructions on how to care for her new look.

The revealing: Now, he was ready to reveal the new look. When he turner her chair around, the loud gasp followed by a scream and wide grin was a good verdict. She loved her new look. We sat with her to ask her experience sitting in a celebrity hair stylist’s chair.

“ I didn’t know what to expect from this appointment. I know Beige Salon is exceptionally good, but I wasn’t sure of his personality. He is extremely patient and answered every one of my questions, even the naïve ones. He explained the steps he was taking and shared the product name. It was like a tutorial with a mentor. I also got some hair tips and secrets from him (yay!). I will definitely be spreading the word about him. I’m stuck here now.”

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