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Virgin Hair Dyeing 411:Tips from New York’s Finest Salon

Dyeing your hair for the first time can be a scary experience. It is not something to jump into without proper preparation.

Beige Salon has a reputation for being one of New York’s finest salons. Our in-house hair color experts put together some helpful tips to help you navigate your first hair dyeing.

Research, research: Our hair color experts advise that you carry out lots of researches before you take this leap. There are so many color application methods, and they each give different outcomes. Be sure to do your research on methods and end results.

Get the right inspiration: It is normal to source for inspiration online. In fact, our hair color experts advise that you should come in with an image of what you want your hair to look like. A bit of caution, though, ensure you look for inspirations based on your skin tone and hair texture. Better still, book an appointment with a hair colorist. This first appointment is for you to get an idea of what color works best with your skin tone and hair texture.

Do not skip pre-treatment: Use a hydrating hair mask to rejuvenate your hair before coming in for your hair color appointment. Our in-house hair color specialist extols the benefits of this step. It is important to keep the hair hydrated as this will make the hair lighter and easier to lift. It will also make coloring faster.

Keep expectations on the average: Even though the first cut is the deepest, the first dye job might not be the darkest or the lightest. Dyeing is a process job. Sometimes the process has to be repeated multiple times to reach the desired result. Manage your expectations when it comes to the first outcome. Your desired look might take 2 or 3 more appointments. Keep an open mind, and trust your colorist.

A softer alternative: The whole dyeing/bleaching route might be too daunting for a first-timer. Our in-house color experts suggest that gloss dyeing might be a good option rather than going for a full dye job. Highlights are also encouraged. They can ease you in slowly.

Take maintenance seriously: caring for your hair at home is very important. Consult with your hair colorist to know the best hair care products to use on your hair after a dye job. Our colorist suggests using sulfate-free shampoo and products. When it comes to wash days, avoid washing the hair so often to prevent the color from fading out.

Dying your virgin hair in New York City: Beige Salon is home to New York’s finest hair colorists. You can get your first dye job done in Beige Salon. Our hair color experts have experience dyeing hair of every kind. They are experienced in helping people go through their first dye jobs. They understand that dyeing virgin hair can be a daunting experience, so they make the first appointment as informative as possible. That way, you can walk into your first dye appointment with informed and with realistic expectations.

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