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Medical Wigs

Not everyone wearing a wig is doing so to look fashionable. Sometimes, people wear wigs to conceal hair loss due to medical reasons. The most common being hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Is there a difference between fashion wigs and medical wigs?

Yes, although a slight difference.

Fashion wigs are regular wigs and can be made from any quality of the material. You can get fashion wigs for any budget. Medical wigs, on the other hand, are made with more consideration. You can get a fashion wig from anywhere, but if you need a great cancer wig, Beige Salon has got you. Cancer wigs: cancer wigs are medical wigs made for patients who suffer hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

What makes cancer wigs different from fashion wigs?

Everything about cancer /medical wig is carefully selected. The hair used for deigning a cancer wig is made from 100% human hair. Beige Salon uses 100% Virgin Russian hair in making their medical wigs. They opt for this hair because of its soft, silky strands and the fact that it has been sourced from the healthiest source. The hair used by Beige salon closely mimics the hair of western women and undergoes no treatment. It is an excellent choice for cancer wigs.

The wig cap used to make cancer wigs is also carefully selected. Unlike fashion wigs, the cap used for cancer wig has to be soft and sensitive. Hair loss due to medical reasons leaves the scalp sensate. The cap used for making medical wigs has to be comfortable so as not to irritate the scalp and cause discomfort.

Fit is also important when it comes to medical wigs. With the absence of hair, slipping is common. A well-designed wig will not slip or be too tight. It will fit perfectly. When you visit Beige Salon to get a medical wig, the wig specialist will fit you properly. By doing this, the wig specialist ensures you are getting the perfect fit for our head and face shape.

Lace medical wigs: The best medical wigs are those made with lace fronts. Lace wigs are slightly different from regular ones because they have a realistic hairline. Lace wigs used as medical wigs are properly designed to not only give comfort and fit but also to look as realistic as possible.

Beige Salon carries a collection of lace that has been explicitly designed as medical wigs. These wigs are made from their unique 100% Russian hair extensions. The caps are super gentle and have designed to be secure, cool, and light. The hairline of the medical wigs is expertly crafted to look natural, so when you wear these wigs, no one can know you are wearing a wig.

Are you looking to get a cancer wig in New York City? Book an appointment with Beige Salon and allow Shlomi Mor and the amazing team at Beige Salon to give you the cancer wig you will ever get.

The process of healing is not only medical but also physical, psychological, and emotional. A fabulous wig goes a long way to boost your mood while you get yourself back.

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