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How to Color Virgin Hair Extensions

Colour hair extensions? Yes, you can and why not? Humair hair extensions are natural hair. The only difference is they are not naturally attached to anyone’s head. Whatever can be done to the hair on your hair in terms of styling can be done to your virgin hair extensions.

Hair extensions are an investment because they do not come cheap. When we buy premium hair extensions, we will love to get the best out of them. It is normal to buy a dark-coloured extension and decide later that you want the extension to have an ombre look. Like we do with our own hair, colouring extensions is simply a way of switching up out style and changing our look.

Blonde hair extensions are quite common among western women because it is a naturally occurring colour. You can still opt for a different shade or tone of blonde and decide to get your extension coloured.

In New York, Beige Salon is a virgin blonde extensions salon. Home to premium virgin Russian human hair extensions, Beige Salon, is the one place where you can get blonde hair extensions as it is.

Being a virgin blonde extension salon, Beige salon works with professional colourists who are specialized in colouring extensions and hair.

Colouring your extensions: Depending on the source of your extensions, colouring human hair extensions is straight forward business. This is especially true for blonde hair extensions that are bought from Beige Salon.

Beige Salon’s provide the purest of Russia virgin hair extensions. Their blonde hair extensions are sourced from the healthiest sources in Russian. That is why the salon has a reputation as the best virgin blonde extensions salon in New York.

When your extensions are purchased from Beige Salon, the colourist knows the history of the hair. They know that such hair has not been chemically treated and will take the colours easily. The source and history of human hair extensions are important when it comes to hair colouring.

You may not be able to trace the source of the hair extension you are using, especially if you have purchased them before coming for a colour appointment. Although the in-house colourist will definitely carry out a test colouring before diving into the entire hair, it is best to get your extensions from Beige Salon. It makes the whole process swift and easy.

Special care for coloured human hair extensions: After a colour job has been done on your human hair, take the same precautions for your natural hair. Wash your hair extensions frequently and condition. Avoid harsh hair products instead go for organic-based hair products. Human hair tangles like your natural too. Detangle using a wet brush and detangle. Do not dry brush tangled human hair extensions.

Going for touch up: When you do a colour job on your natural hair, you go in for touch-ups. When it comes to extensions, touch-ups are not needed as the hair does not grow out. Instead, your extensions and maintained, especially the roots.

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