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Platinum blonde locks are gorgeous. They channel the ice queen look so effortlessly probably that is why a lot of women opt for this blonde shade.

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of the blonde hair color tone. The lightness of this blonde tone makes everything from coloring to care a bit technical.

As a hair color specialist, you will get a lot of clients who will come in for platinum blonde looks. Your responsibility to their hair starts before the coloring and after it.

While platinum blonde looks go well with a winter season (Ice queen and ice), winter is not really a great time for platinum blonde color hair.

Keeping your client's platinum hair healthy should be a priority. Luckily, Beige Salon's in-house platinum blonde color specialists have a few tips to help you keep your platinum client's hair healthy regardless of the season.

Take it slow, don't rush the process: Platinum blonde shade being the lightest shade on the blonde color spectrum takes more than one coloring job. Remember, your responsibility to your client starts before the coloring job. Be sure to talk to your client through the process. Avoid rushing the coloring process by trying to get the platinum color in the first round of application. You could do a lot of damage to the hair. It takes at least three rounds of application to get this tone of blonde. Let your client know this before you commence the process.

Do not stint on products: Nothing kills a color specialist's reputation faster than a hair color job that runs or fades quickly. The product you use from the coloring process to the styling is important. It is common knowledge that bleaching can do some damages to the hair. With the right products, damages can be mitigated against. When it comes to products use to achieve the platinum blond look, it is quality over quantity.

Wash days and wet hair: Manage your client's home care for their platinum blonde hair by giving them proper aftercare instructions. To retain their platinum blonde looks, advise your clients to minimize washing. This way, they can avoid the hair color fading out. Secondly, in a wet state, platinum blonde hair is very fragile. Excess brushing, while it is wet, can cause breakage. 

Keep it mildly warm: You cannot be around your clients 24/7. You need to be sure that their daily routine will not cause the platinum look to fade out. For example, sitting by the fireplace during winter can be all warm and cozy. On the other, the fire will cause the platinum blonde to fade out, making it look dull. Beige Salon's in-house platinum blonde specialists advise that clients should use dryers at below 250 degrees. Anything above 250 degrees is too much heat and is not good got the platinum blonde hair.

Platinum blonde coloring job is something you will always come across as a blonde color specialist. These tips can help you keep your clients' platinum blondes healthy

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